Scatter Rally

Scatter rally’s are a great way to learn about map reading and prepare for 12 Car entry.

A typical scatter starts by being given a control sheet with the locations of points, and the crew is given a time by which they have to return with their answers.

A difference between a scatter and the other rally’s mention here is that a scatter rally does not have a defined route. It is down to the crews to find the quickest route that enables them to visit the most points in the time allowed – up to a maximum of 75% of the points!

As the crew arrives at the point, the control sheet will ask for some information to prove that they have actually been there. They record the necessary information on the sheet, and head off to their next point, or start the run back to the main control to submit their responses.

Once the control sheet is handed back in, it will be marked (the responses often have different point awards depending on difficulty) and the crew that has scored the highest are declared the winners. Crews that get back after the target time may be allowed to have their controls marked, but with time penalties applied for each minute that they are late!