Kent Targa Rally 2024

We are pleased to announce that this years Kent Targa Rally will be on Saturday 11th of May 2024 at Manston Airport in Kent.

This new event will be aimed at both newcomers to the sport, as well as experienced crews and we believe this is a perfect opportunity for existing Autosolo or Autotest competitors to take a step into the world of rallying.

For an entry fee of £99 we are planning to run 18 tests during the day which will cover 40 miles, 90% of which will be on sealed surfaces. There will be some small sections on smooth gravel and grass but we do not expect sump guards to be needed. All vehicles compliant with R21 Targa or R19 Historic will be eligible to compete and there will be NO additional requirement for roll cage or harnesses.

The test routes and manoeuvres around the airfield will be defined by cones and navigation will be via an A3 roadbook containing test diagrams of the route. The tests have been designed by regular competitors in accordance with latest MSUK guidance.

Regulations will be published on Friday 22nd of March.

Manston is a huge venue and we will need a large number of marshals to ensure the safe and smooth running of the event. If you are new to rally marshalling, then this event will be an ideal introduction as we have a selection of important, but low stress, observation roles plus the normal key start and finish timing jobs.

We would also specifically like to appeal to any Rally Safety Radio Marshal crews to join us as we will be running the Motorsport UK safety radio system with a licenced radio controller.

Marshals are invited to register now via the following link:

Kent Targa 2024 Marshal Registration