12 Car

12 Car navigational rallies are as simple as they sound – 12 crews composed of a driver and navigator, following a series of navigation clues to find a number of route code boards and visit a number of time controls, without gaining time penalties or missing code boards.

The 12 Car season runs from late September to early April – usually on a Friday night. The target time for the first car to leave and begin driving is 20:01, and the cars leave at 1 minute intervals in entry order.

The crews are competing in the Weald 12 Car Rally Championship, working towards an awards night in June.

The Weald MC operates 4 levels for navigators (drivers are expected to do as their navigator tells them!):

BeginnerNo experience in a navigation rally. Given a marked map with the route. Not expected to bring their own maps at first.
NoviceUses own map. Given a set of navigation clues 30 minutes before departure time in order to plot their navigation.
Semi-ExpertThe same navigation as the Novice crews, but broken down into separate envelopes for each section. The first envelope is opened at the first control and has the navigation to get to the second control. Upon arrival at the second control, the marshal will validate that the remaining envelopes are sealed, and watch you open the next envelope. Repeated until the final control.
ExpertSimilar to semi-expert in terms of envelopes, but the navigation has been made harder.