Navigation Rally’s

The Weald MC members run 3 types of navigation rally:

  • Scatter – you are given a number of references to find locations on the map. Plot the points on the map, and aim to visit 75% in the allowed time. When you reach the location, there will be a piece of information to gather (e.g. how many miles to a village on the signpost) that can only be found by going to the location.
  • 12 Car – As the name suggests 12 cars with a driver and navigator follow a route passing through checkpoints. Cars can be on time or late to checkpoints, but have to wait if they are early. Different levels of navigation depending on skill. Typically covering 50-60 miles of country lanes.
  • 20/20 – A larger version of a 12 Car with some key differences. 20 cars with driver and navigator following a route which passes through 20 checkpoints. Typically covering 100-120 miles of country lanes.