2023-2024 Weald 12 Car Rally Championship

1st September 2023

The 2023-2024 Weald 12 Car Rally Championship is pleased to confirm that there will still be 9 rounds this season, with Borough 18 and Sevenoaks both organising two rounds, after the sad loss of Eastbourne and Guildford.

Entries are invited from the 1st of September, and will close on the Sunday prior to the relevant round. As the name suggests, the limit is 12 cars per round. Last year even when rounds were full, sometimes life throws a spanner into the gearbox of motorsport enjoyment at the last minute, so it is well worth being on the list of reserves (For example, last year in the final round, a crew found themselves driving instead of marshalling due to last minute changes).

There are in effect two championships – one for navigators, and one for those who do what the navigator tells them to. The points system has been standardised as follows: 1st=20, 2nd=15, 3rd=12, 4th=10, 5th=8, 6th=7, 7th=6, 8th=5, 9th=4, 10th=3, 11th=2, 12th=1.

Only an entrants best 6 scores will count, and as has been the case for the last few years, unless you give back to the championship by marshalling or organising, your points count for nothing and you can’t win a trophy!

Motorsport being that hotbed of telephone number type budgets, the Weald 12 Car Rally Championship organising team are pleased to say that it is an exorbitant £20 to enter each round. There is a further charge if you want to make use of the Championships’ insurance. Update 4th October: Due to the current state of the insurance market, the event insurance that we have managed to secure is £20, not £15 as we had previously hoped. All crews who have already submitted £15 need to pay the balance of £5 to each event organiser with the BACS reference 12car followed by drivers surname as soon as possible.

All rounds – gather at the muster point from 1845, scrutineering and documentation check 1900-1930, 1st Car to Main Time Control 0 (MTC0) at 1931, 2nd Car at 1932 and so on. First car to depart Time Control 1 (TC1) at 2001, 2nd at 2002 and so on. Check your documentation as to where TC1 is relevant to MTC0 and ensure you plan appropriately!

The Regulations for the event can be accessed here

The current state of the entries (13th February ’24) is:


(S means Seeded Entries)

The dates and organising clubs are:

Round 1 – Friday 13th October – Borough 18 (1) – Results

Round 2 – Friday 27th October – Croydon & District – Results

Round 3 – Friday 17th November – Sevenoaks (1) – Results

Round 4 – Friday 1st December – Southern Car Club – Results

Round 5 – Friday 12th January – Sevenoaks (2) – Results

Round 6 – Friday 26th January – Maidstone & Mid Kent – Results

Round 7 – Friday 16th February – Borough 18 (2) – Results

Round 8 – Friday 8th March – Bexley Light Car Club – Results

Round 9 – Friday 22nd March – Blackpalfrey – Results

Howard Shaddock has made the entry form a bit easier for folks. Download the file to your local machine, and open it form there. You’ll need to select which round you are entering, and pop in your details to the boxes. Then save it and email it to the relevant representative – details are all on the pages above for them. Repeat the pick, check, save, email process for the other rounds you’d like to enter.

2023 – 2024 Weald 12 Car Rally Championship Entry Form