12 Car – Navigation

The 2023-2024 season brings another first for the Weald Championship – the completed rounds navigation being published from the website.

Whilst there are technically 3 levels of navigation prepared for each round – Beginner, Novice and Expert – we decided to only make the Novice and Expert navigation available to practice from. We will NOT be publishing complete route maps here – feel free to email navcheck@wealdmotor.club and we will get back to you at some point (this feature isn’t monitored and is on a best endeavours basis – so please don’t get stroppy if a reply takes more than 5 seconds to come through).

Novice and Semi-Expert navigation is basically the same – except Novice crews get the whole set of clues 30 minutes before their due time to enable them to plot a route before they get onto the lanes. Semi-Experts have the same navigation, but it is broken down into the sections between each Time Control, and the crew should open the next set when they get to a control (else they get a Fail point!)

Expert navigation is a harder set of clues to decipher, and these are also broken down into sections between each Time Control, and must be opened when the crew gets to the control (else its a Fail point!)

1 – Borough 18NoviceExpert
2 – Croydon and District Motor ClubNoviceExpert
3 – Sevenoaks and District Motor ClubNoviceExpert
4 – Southern Car ClubNoviceExpert